Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Charge Security Deposits and Are They Refundable?

A security deposit is used against damages to your apartment.   Rental property can be expensive to maintain.  The good news is that this cost is usually taken care of by the management company (check with them to see whether this is included!).  The reason you pay a security deposit is that the property management company has to pay someone to clean, paint and do any repairs to your apartment after you move out.  Because the next tenant moving in is going to expect to receive their apartment spic-n-span, you must leave the apartment in the exact same way that you received it to keep someone from having to spend money to make apartment ready.  Property Managers do not want to pay this cost, but neither do the tenants!  The best way to avoid having to pay too much money is to make sure that you clean your apartment according to the rental property's guidelines and also ask if there is any painting/carpet cleaning that you are required to do.

They management of the property you are renting can provide you with this.  Usually this information would be included in a "vacating packet".  Are Security Deposits Refundable?  Well, it depends on the lease terms.  Some of them are.  If you rent from us, it is.  We have seen many tenants receive 90-100% of their security deposits.  We are very up-front with you regarding what we expect at your walk-through inspection.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  That is what we are here for!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Important Phone Numbers For Athens Residents

 Emergency 911
Athens-Clarke Police 706.613.3330
Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau 706.357.4430, 800.653.0603
Classic Center convention center 706.208.0900, 800.918.6393
Community Connection health and human services 211
Directory Assistance 411
Hospital: Athens Regional Medical Center 706.475.7000
Hospital: St. Mary's Health Care System 706.389.3000
Time and Temperature 706.548.2253
Tourist Information: Athens Welcome Center 706.353.1820, 866.455.1820
University of Georgia Directory Assistance 706.542.3000
University of Georgia Police 706.542.2200
University of Georgia Sports Tickets 706.542.1231

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why look for an Apartment with fewer amenities?

Because times are tough, most people are looking for a place to live to get back on their feet and to save money.  Renting an apartment with fewer amenities is just what many people are looking for.  Also, in a more difficult economy, management companies tend to cut costs on many of the amenities they provide.  If you do desire a property with a lot of amenities, please ask a lot of questions about what is actually maintained.  Properties that are even a few years old may have "Tennis Courts" advertised, but the net is old and falling down.  You may find that, even if they are maintained, many people do not use them or that other people who are not tenants end up being the only ones who are taking advantage of them.

Properties with amenities such as swimming pools also cost more.  Let's face it, the cost of maintaining a swimming pool or work-out facility isn't free.  Management companies have to make their money back somewhere.  Where do they make it?  You guessed it!  The rent that YOU pay each month.  So before you decide on an apartment, please remember that you may be getting a lot, but you will also be paying a lot!