Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Duplexes versus Apartments

The question is, should I rent an apartment or a duplex in Athens?  There are pros and cons with each and it seems that the only one who can truly make that decision is YOU!  However, there are various reasons as to why one or the other would be better for your particular need.

First, let us consider a duplex.  Most apartment complexes maintain the lawn (check your lease).  That is a good option for renting when you want some of the benefits of a house but don't want to pay the sometimes high prices and don't have the time to maintain the lawn yourself.  Duplexes also have dedicated parking spaces while most apartment complexes do not.  Of course, the main attraction to a duplex is the fact that you only have one neighbor!  The insulation between duplexes tends to be a little better than an apartment so you are likely to hear less of that noisy neighbor who plays video games till all hours of the night.

Apartments are an even more economical option for most tenants.  It seems that the closer you get to downtown and the bus-line that the more apartments you find.  So, if you lack your own transportation, you might certainly be looking for an apartment.  Athens seems to have more apartments than most cities.  This is an added advantage.  Being close to the University of Georgia also offers options for entertainment that you might not be able to find in other cities.  A good place to find something to do in Athens is VisitAthensGA.com.  Many apartments include all or partial utilities.  Check with the property you are renting to find out what is included.  Make sure that pest control is provided.

That's all for now!  If you have questions about which one is right for you, please call one of our qualified representatives at 706 543 6936!

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